BrainBaazi- A game show asking simple trivia questions and giving Rs.50,000 daily

BrainBaazi- A game show asking simple trivia questions and giving Rs.50,000 daily

Times Internet Limited has launched a real-time quiz app BrainBaazi, with a format similar to a few television quiz shows. BrainBaazi is an interactive live gaming and entertainment show app with a cash prize of Rs. 50,000. In this game, a user can win real money by answering questions correctly. The game starts at 9 PM sharp every day. 11 questions are then presented by a live anchor, each with three options. A user has to select the right option in 10 seconds. At the end, the total prize money is equally distributed among all winners.

The concept of this wildly trending game is engaging, exciting, and the thrill isn’t just watching someone else, but actually being in the show, as somebody with a chance to actually win money in real time.

BrainBaazi has been built for modern Indian audience with a thorough understanding of the nuances of its consumers and the infrastructure. Audience participation is facilitated through a downloadable app available on the Play Store for Android devices and App Store for iPhone devices.

Users can tune in via signing up in the app and can start answering questions. By the end of each 15 -minute long game, there will be multiple winners. The prize money is equally divided amongst the winners

Priya Malhotra, a B. Com (Hons) student in Delhi University tried the game, and won more than Rs. 500 in just 1 game. The prize money can be withdrawn with instant cashout in mobile wallets like Paytm & Mobikwik.

Apart from the lure of winning up to Rs 50,000, the major reason why BrainBaazi is becoming a rage across India is due to the knowledgeable facts it imparts among people in just a short span of time. The thrill that people get when they test their trivia skills and get an answer right is a matchless experience!

Even if participants don’t know an answer they feel enriched and empowered after each game, thanks to a wide array of questions and the hugely popular ‘Gyan Ki Dukaan’ and Cheat Code There is ample entertainment provided by BrainBaazi hosts Megha, Sukriti, Aakash, who make the learning even more fun and relatable  for the numerous participants each day.

Questions on BrainBaazi are usually basic general knowledge oriented  and are chosen from a wide array of subjects like school level physics, chemistry, biology, history, sports, cricket, bollywood, current affairs and so on. Due to this very reason, Brain Baazi is now a hot favourite across all age groups and demographics.

A live game show, Brain Baazi has cash rewards up to Rs.50,000. The game goes live everyday at 9PM & participants are required to answer 11 questions correctly in order to win up to Rs.50,000. The game’s challenge – only 10 seconds are allotted to answer each question!

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