BrainBaazi community grows, forges strong bonds across India

BrainBaazi community grows, forges strong bonds across India

With a whopping cash prize of Rs 50,000, BrainBaazi is becoming a rage across India. Lacs of people are getting together in small groups across colleges, offices, homes, institutions at 9PM and having a go at the 11 questions put across for them.

Team spirit comes in handy while playing BrainBaazi as the game involves questions from a wide range of subjects. People have realised this fact and that’s why experts in bollywood, history, cricket, physics, chemistry, biology and current affairs gather together daily to crack 11 questions and win up to Rs 50,000 prize money.

This coming together of people is forging new friendships across age-groups and disciplines in all locations where BrainBaazi is played. While it brought a sense of team spirit when the game would go live at 1pm until before Holi, these days it has been running it’s magic in families during dinner times at 9pm. Listen to what Vikas Kumar, a Delhi based digital marketing specialist has to say about this phenomenon.

“I usually kept to myself during office hours. I would be quietly preoccupied with my work with minimal social interaction. So, the other day I came across BrainBaazi app and soon was addicted to the live game show. I started sharing my referral code with all my contacts to get lives and started hanging out with subject matter experts in my office to guarantee daily wins. This was during the days when the game would go live at 1pm. It became the perfect lunch-time socialising tool for me,” says Vikas.

“I knew some of the answers, they knew the rest and together we saw quite a show of teamwork as we began ranking high in the winners list. I thank BrainBaazi for giving me an opportunity to earn extra bucks and improving my friend circle at workplace along the way,” adds Vikas.

Similar stories are being heard across the length and breadth of the country. From students to senior citizens, BrainBaazi has caused a surge of camaraderie and friendship which shows its true colours daily around 9PM. Add to that, after winning cash rewards, these BrainBaazi buddies gather together and party hard with their daily winnings! Isn’t that wonderful?

A live game show, Brain Baazi has cash rewards up to Rs.50,000. The game goes live everyday at 9PM & participants are required to answer 11 questions correctly in order to win up to Rs.50,000. The game’s challenge – only 10 seconds are allotted to answer each question!

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