BrainBaazi rage spreads…quizzers try their best to win Rs 50,000 daily

BrainBaazi rage spreads…quizzers try their best to win Rs 50,000 daily

Apart from the irresistible cash prize of Rs 50,000, the major reason why BrainBaazi is becoming a rage across India is the knowledge it imparts among people. The thrill that people get when they test their trivia skills and get an answer right is a matchless experience!

Even when participants don’t know an answer they feel enriched and knowledgeable after each game, thanks to a wide array of questions and the immensely popular ‘Gyan Ki Dukaan’. The funny jokes cracked by BrainBaazi hosts like Megha, Sukriti, Aakash, no doubt make the learning even more enjoyable for the thousands of participants each day.

Questions on BrainBaazi are usually simple and are chosen from a wide range of subjects like school level physics, chemistry, biology, history, sports, cricket, bollywood, current affairs and so on. Even if one doesn’t know the answer, the participant can correctly guess the answer by using their common sense and eliminating the improbable choices. Because of this very reason, Brain Baazi is now a favourite across all age groups from students to senior citizens.

Every day, across schools, colleges, offices, homes, one can find groups of people ready during lunch time at 1 pm and prepared to play and enjoy a session of BrainBaazi. It has become a daily ritual that people just can’t do without.

According to regular winners on BrainBaazi, staying updated about current affairs and brushing up on school level subjects helps a lot while answering the questions. For people who are looking for an exciting, profitable activity during lunch time and want to enhance their trivia skills BrainBaazi is a great option for them.

A live game show, Brain Baazi has cash rewards up to Rs.50,000. The game goes live everyday at 1 PM & participants are required to answer 11 questions correctly in order to win up to Rs.50,000. The game’s challenge – only 10 seconds are allotted to answer each question!

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