Here’s how players are enjoying their snack time with BrainBaazi

Here’s how players are enjoying their snack time with BrainBaazi

Winning a prize, big or small,  is a thrilling experience for everyone.
Arvind Kumar, an executive at a private firm, was jumping and screaming in excitement when he became one of the several winners of quiz app BrainBaazi and won a cash prize. “See, I won Rs 85,” said Arvind to his colleagues as they laughed at him for being excited about winning such a small amount. But for Arvind, more than the money, the excitement was about being a “BrainBaazigar.”

Of course, the amount that Arvind won was small, but the joy was huge. With the prize money he got, Arvind gave a ‘chai’ party to all his colleagues who helped him during the quiz. Certainly, winning Rs 85 won’t make a big difference in his life the way larger cash prizes could have, but several winners of BrainBaazi, the daily trivia game, shared same reactions. For players like Arvind, the game is not only about making money but also increasing and improving their general knowledge. “Now I pay conscious attention to whatever I read in newspapers and on the internet,” said Arvind. For users, playing BrainBaazi quiz has become a fun way to fund their small outings and snack parties.

Developed by The Times Group, BrainBaazi is a daily quiz app that users can play on their smartphones. Every day at 9 pm (IST), players have to log in to the app to play the game. The host asks 11 multiple choice questions, and the players get only 10 seconds to respond to each question. If a player gets all 11 questions right, he/she will win a portion of the total prize money. The prize money, which varies from time to time, is divided equally among all winners. The BrainBaazi app was launched in February 2018, and since then, it has gained a significant following among quiz lovers, with millions happily playing the quiz every day.

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