Lakhs of Indians are winning Rs.50,000 by just playing a simple game!

Lakhs of Indians are winning Rs.50,000 by just playing a simple game!

A new trend called BaaziNow is spreading all across the nation! Lakhs of people from all over the country are hooked on to their phones every day at 1 PM to play a live quiz game show. This show rewards its winners with cash prizes worth up to Rs.50,000 every single day.


Amrita Srivastava, a 25 year old teacher in Jamshedpur has been winning extra cash every single day for the last 20 days! She calls it her ‘extra source of income’ which she gets by playing a game, BaaziNow, every day at 1 PM.

‘We play BaaziNow every day during lunch in the teacher’s staff room, it has now become a routine. Being a teacher really helps during this game as some of the questions are a part of the syllabus we teach and since all of us play together, I also get help from my colleagues. It’s a simple quiz show which goes live everyday at 1 PM. All I have to do is answer 11 simple questions related to films, current affairs, general knowledge etc. It increases our knowledge also about so many different things and also gives us some extra cash!’ – Amrita Srivastava

Jasmeet Saini from Ludhiana is a bank officer and has recommended this game to all of his friends and family. On weekends, he plays with his 2 teenage children and wife and really enjoys spending time with his family while playing this game.

‘I play this game at work every day with my friends. All of us play together so there are 2 people searching on Google while the rest of us play. On weekends, my entire family comes together at 1 PM and we play BaaziNow. My kids especially really enjoy this game and all of us look forward to winning some extra cash. Till now, I have won almost Rs.6000! More than the money, it’s an amazing way for all of us to spend time together doing something all of us love.’ – Jasmeet Saini

BaaziNow is a live game show which rewards up to Rs.50,000. The game goes live everyday at 1 PM & participants are required to answer 11 questions correctly in order to win up to Rs.50,000. Here’s the catch – only 10 seconds are allotted to answer each question!

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